The Dog Massage App – Available from the Android & Apple store now!

The Dog Massage App – A new smartphone app for dog lovers!

Developed by Brooke from The Positive Pet Project, and her good friend and dog chiropractic and massage expert Nat, “The Dog Massage App” is set to improve the physical and emotional bond you share with your pet. We have combined our experience in dog massage and reading and understanding dog’s behaviour, to deliver this comprehensive approach to regular massage.

The Dog Massage App is very easy to use, and will become an invaluable tool for dog owners to learn how to perform dog massage, keep track of their massage sessions, share their experience with friends and family and discover more about how they can truly connect with their pet.

It’s available now at the introductory rate of $3.79 in the Apple store here and and $3.99 on Android here.

And as part of our dedication to improving the lives of animals and the people who love them, for every app sold before 31st December 2015, we will donate 50 cents to Delta Society Australia – a wonderful charity that provides therapy dog services for hospitals, aged care facilities and schools (find our more at

So, why is dog massage so effective? It’s a relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company and when applied effectively, can relieve stress and anxiety, and sooth and comfort. Massage also increases circulation and healing, decreases aches and stiffness, releases toxins, improves agility and helps the health and wellbeing of both dog and owner.

Features of The Dog Massage App

  • Information about the benefits of dog massage, how to set up a massage area and how to ensure your dog is ready and willing to be massaged
  • Videos and step by step instructions: A series of six videos demonstrating each technique including calm opening, head and ears, neck, back, legs, shoulders and hips – with free updates
  • Your personal Dog Massage diary: Schedule regular appointments, view your massage calendar and jot down any notes about each of your massage sessions
  • Link to your social media so you can share your dog massage experience with your friends and followers
  • Receive free expert advice: Register your dog’s details including name, breed and age to receive free push notifications from our dog massage and behaviour experts to improve your dog’s wellbeing

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A Letter of Complaint from Mr Darcy

Hello poochie people,
My name is Darcy and I am Nat’s boss. I would like to make a formal complaint about this employee of mine in point form for affect-

* Nat does not come when called. Sometimes I have to wait up to half an hour until she lets me back into my office

* Nat has positioned the door handles to high and therefore I can not open my own office door! This is discrimination and I could sue her but i’m not that sort of pooch.

* She puts flavouring in her water but not in mine.

* She talks all the time but as soon as I open my mouth and let out a wee bark I’m in trouble.

* She eats all the time so why can’t I????!!!!????

* Nat has a company car and I don’t when I am the face of the business, instead she makes me walk without shoes.

* She goes on holidays overseas by herself and I’m not even allowed to walk around the block without a chaperone.

I could continue but I don’t want to sound like a whiny puppy.
This is your first written warning Nat.

Ruff ruff,
Mr Darcy Dog.