Pet Chiropractic

Pet Chiropractic Services in Brisbane

Pet Chiropractic is the treatment of dogs and cats with musculoskeletal problems (muscle, joint and/or spinal problems, including arthritis)

Initial Consultation (approx. 30min): $103.90

Standard treatment: $67.90

Home Visit: $200 call out fee plus treatment costs.

Why would you need Pet Chiropractic treatment?

To help their joint and muscle pains just like us! Physical therapy has the potential to help dogs and cats with back, shoulder and hip problems; relieve arthritic pain; and rehabilitation after an injury or operation.

Do you ‘crack’ their backs?

Not really, occasionally I may here a click which is gas being released from the joint. The technique we use is quite gentle. In my experience most dogs enjoy the treatment and start to want to lay down and snooze, or get bored and want to play.

If you have any further questions please e-mail or phone Nat & Darcy.