About Nat and Darcy Chiropractic Services

Nat and Darcy
Nat and Darcy

It’s time to learn about Nat and Darcy!

About Nat – Chiropractor

Nat and Darcy owner Nat was born and raised in Brisbane, eats way too much chocolate, has an impressive passport, can’t cook (even garlic bread), and loves animals.


Continuing Education :

    • Osteopathic Approach to Small Animal Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, Full Spectrum Canine Therapy, Oregon, USA
    • Canine Advanced Class, Full Spectrum Canine Therapy, Oregon, USA
    • Mulligan Concept: Canine Applications (Physiotherapy continuing education) Instructors: Brian Mulligan FNZSP (Hon), Diploma M.T. and Debbie Gross Saunders DPT MSPT OCS CCRP
    • SOT Seminars 2006

About Hillary – Chiropractor

Associate chiropractor Hillary grew up in Brisbane before upsetting her parents and taking off to live in Canada and Sydney for a while. She loves most sports and will bake some delicious cookies upon request!

Hillary & Rusty


Continuing Education :

      • Rocktape Advanced Courses
      • Level 1 Sports Trainer, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brisbane, Australia
      • SOT Seminars 2017


About Darcy – Dog

My name is Darcy and I have been having fun with Nat since I was 8 weeks old. I was told that my mum and dad were Maltese x Shih Tzu but I am pretty sure my mum had an affair with a poodle.

My old friend Rusty has come to join me at work with Hillary. Often Uncle Douglas kicks us out even though we are only trying to let you know there are people walking by on the footpath!

I am very friendly and love to play with all dogs, adults and kids. Rusty is not so fond of kids but that’s just because he is a grumpy old man (I can say that because he is older than me). We like playing with cats, but thus far no cat wants to be our friend. I like to run, walk, play in the mud and swim.

Our friends Penny and Maple are around sometimes too – though they tend to slobber on people which is unwelcome apparently, we aren’t sure why.

Please come and play with us at Nat & Darcy!