A Letter of Complaint from Mr Darcy

Hello poochie people,
My name is Darcy and I am Nat’s boss. I would like to make a formal complaint about this employee of mine in point form for affect-

* Nat does not come when called. Sometimes I have to wait up to half an hour until she lets me back into my office

* Nat has positioned the door handles to high and therefore I can not open my own office door! This is discrimination and I could sue her but i’m not that sort of pooch.

* She puts flavouring in her water but not in mine.

* She talks all the time but as soon as I open my mouth and let out a wee bark I’m in trouble.

* She eats all the time so why can’t I????!!!!????

* Nat has a company car and I don’t when I am the face of the business, instead she makes me walk without shoes.

* She goes on holidays overseas by herself and I’m not even allowed to walk around the block without a chaperone.

I could continue but I don’t want to sound like a whiny puppy.
This is your first written warning Nat.

Ruff ruff,
Mr Darcy Dog.


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